Fun and Games with Your German Shepherd

Now that spring is approaching, you and your German Shepherd have the opportunity to get some exercise outside. After a long, cold winter, your German Shepherd is probably chomping at the bit to get outside and run around. Playing outside with your dig is not only important for their physical health—it can also help strengthen your relationship. Dogs are social creatures and playing games with them is a great way build friendship and trust. Games are also a great way to teach your dog commands an improve their obedience in a way that’s relaxed and entertaining. Here are a few ideas of games to try the next time you and your German Shepherd are flocking around outside.

Tug of War

Tug of war is a great way of practicing commands with your German Shepherd. The secret to this game is to always be in control. It’s important to choose a particular toy that will be the “tug of war” toy so your dog knows not to play tug of war with every toy. Pick up the toy and encourage your dog to the other end, then give a clear signal that the game has started. When you’re ready for the game to end, give a clear “drop it” command. If your German Shepherd complies, reward them with a treat or another round of tug of war.


A classic dog game, fetch is a great way to work on your German Shepherd’s obedience and give them some exercise as well. Fetch requires very minimal effort on your end, so it’s a good game to play if you’re feeling a little tired but your dog is still raring to go. Similar to tug of war, the key to a good game of fetch is an effective “drop it” command—if your German Shepherd doesn’t respond to that command, the game will stop pretty quickly.

Spring is a great time to spend some quality moments playing outside with your German Shepherd. For more training tips and tricks, and to adopted your very own German Shepherd for your household, contact us today at Ulvilden German Shepherds.