Signs You’re Not Ready to Adopt a German Shepherd

Adopting a German Shepherd is a big step for any potential pet owner. German Shepherds make wonderful companions that can provide a lifetime of joy, but they also require a serious amount of care and attention. Many pet owners, especially young or first-timers, rush into adoption without considering the responsibilities of being a pet owner. Here are just a few of the signs that you’re not ready to adopt a German Shepherd just yet.
Your Finances Aren’t In Order
We all go through difficulties with money from time to time, but if you don’t have a regular income or aren’t prepared to set aside some of your income for pet expenses, you may not be ready to own a German Shepherd. Dog ownership is fulfilling but it doesn’t come cheap—you’ll need to be able to afford vet appointments, including preventative medications, procedures and vaccinations, plus food, toys, treats and other German Shepherd essentials. If you can’t commit to these expenses, you may want to hold off on pet ownership until you have the financial security to fully provide for your German Shepherd.
You Move Around A Lot
If you’re the jet-setting type, owning a German Shepherd may not be for you. Although these dogs will be fine with a sitter or OK to travel for the occasional vacation, moving around a lot can  be difficult on a German Shepherd. If you’re not ready to settle down just yet, you may want to wait to adopt a German Shepherd until you’re more permanently located so your dog can adapt to your lifestyle as smoothly as possible.
You Have an Allergy
You may have a dog allergy and not even know it, or think your allergy is milder than it is. Allergies can flare up in the presence of a dog, but also in reaction to hair and dander left around the house. Some people are more sensitive to certain breeds than others, so if you’re thinking about adopting a German Shepherd but aren’t sure how you’ll react, spend some time around one and see how your allergy responds. If your allergy is mild and can be managed with medication, adoption may be possible but otherwise it is not recommended.
Adopting a German Shepherd is an exciting experience. Pet ownership is rewarding, but it also requires a lot of responsibility and should not be taken lightly. At Ulvilden German Shepherds, we are committed to helping you feel fully prepared for taking home your very own German Shepherd. For more information about how to care for you German Shepherd and to adopt one for your household, contact us today!