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Ulvilden German Shepherds Sask

Saban is a very big strong beautiful bi-color dog. Saban has excellent ball drive, a very protective nature, a calm temperament and strong nerves, he has been started on the sleeve and is doing very well. He has many outstanding dogs in his pedigree including Drago vom Patriot, Nox del Lupo Nero, Aron vom Bracheler See and on his mother’s side the most famous Irmus Galan Nalag the top working dog in North America and 3rd place in the World. We also have Saban’s full sister Sky.


Ulvilden German Shepherds Sask

Axel is large, heavy boned, confident young male with his father Baron’s confidence and “old man attitude that Baron passes on to his prodigy. He is outgoing and willing to try just about anything and is always watching out for his family. We hope to spend many years with this boy.


Ulvilden German Shepherds Sask

Baron is a large heavy boned, solid male that loves to work, he is calm and was born with an “old man” attitude in that nothing seems to faze him. He has proven himself a sire of outstanding puppies in both personality, heavy bone and size. He is a very stable confident dog in any situation. He is a pleasure to have with us.


Ulvilden German Shepherds Sask

Jet is an awesome big boned black male. He is an Alsa/Baron son who shows incredible intelligence,as well as being a gentle giant but don;t let that fool you, he is also protective and has a wonderful deep bark to let us know when strangers come around. He has the same old man attitude as his father and the solid confidence of both his parents. His pedigree goes back to some of the finest dogs from the lines of Grafental, Schaferliesel, Gleisdreieck, Wera vom Haus Pontone and many more, as well as PSD here in Canada.


Ulvilden German Shepherds Sask

Yago is a solid black male with a great attitude, lots of play drive an awesome sense of humor and beautiful to look at. . Yago has superior drives and excellent obedience. Yago has proven to be a wonderful asset to our breeding program passing on his supreme intelligence and work ethic as well as his rich coloring on to his puppies. Yago is the son of Adir Kar-Lav PSD ( a Black and Red Male, imported from the Czech Republic) Yago’s mother is January’s Juno, BH AD.


Retired Stars!


Ulvilden German Shepherds Sask

Spike is a heavy boned, confident, intelligent, easy going, well behaved young male with excellent confirmation and with the promise of becoming one of the best.

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