Trimming German Shepherd Nails


Trimming your German shepherd’s nails should be part of routine care. Nail trimming is not just done for aesthetics – it is an important health issue for your German shepherd as well. Long nails could start affecting your dog’s gait and this could result in tendon or ligament injuries. Long nails can also break or splinter, get embedded into the paw pad and lead to infections.

The nail should be clipped a few millimeters above the vessel, so that the nail doesn’t bleed. With dark nails, trim conservatively to avoid going too low and cutting the blood vessel. It is much easier to trim a German shepherd’s nails when they are a puppy and the procedure becomes normal for them.

Try to make a positive association with the nail trimming. Your German shepherd will learn to tolerate the clipping if you give them small treats at the same time you pick up their paws. Buy sturdy clippers of the correct size. There are guillotine-type clippers and scissor-like clippers. Try both and see which one feels steadier for you.

You have the choice of either taking your German shepherd to the vet or a groomer to clip his nails or try and do it yourself. This is something that most owners can do themselves but vets or groomers can help if necessary.

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