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Ulvilden German Shepherd Puppies

Welcome an Ulvilden German Shepherd Puppy into Your Home

Adopting a German shepherd is an exciting and rewarding undertaking. However, German shepherds are also a responsibility—especially German shepherd puppies. If you or your family are ready to provide the attention and care necessary, your puppy will reward you with a lifetime of love and affection. Here is everything you need to know about adopting a puppy from Ulvilden German Shepherds.

How to Adopt a German Shepherd Puppy

At Ulvilden German Shepherds, we are careful not to sell dogs to just anyone who wants one. We want responsible and dedicated dog owners who have the best intentions with our dogs. We ask that you contact us so we can discuss your future family member. This screening process helps us to determine the best match for you, and gives you some time to fully understand the obligations associated with adopting a German shepherd puppy.

The type and number of German shepherd puppies for sale will depend on the size of the litter. We have puppies available in a variety of coats, including black German shepherd puppies. Once you’ve met our criteria for ownership and you’ve have found the puppy that’s best suited to you, the adoption process can begin.

All of our puppies are registered and micro-chipped before we send them off to their new homes. We also provide each puppy with their first vaccinations, and make sure they are wormed and vet checked. All puppies come with a written guarantee and six weeks health insurance.

New Owner Responsibilities

New owners are expected to provide a safe environment for their German shepherd puppy. The first few months of a German shepherd’s life are very crucial to their overall development so it’s important that you make your puppy feels as comfortable as possible as soon as they enter your home. This includes keeping your German shepherd puppy active and social by taking it for regular walks and trips to the dog park. New owners are also encouraged to participate in early obedience classes as it helps develop the bond between you and your puppy.

What to Expect from Your German Shepherd Puppy

German shepherds have particular personality traits and needs that are different from other dogs. Some of their key characteristics include:

  • They’re hairy—German shepherds have a double coat so they shed often, especially during the warmer months. Routinely brushing your puppy is a good way to prevent dog hair from collecting in your home.
  • They’re full of energy—German shepherds, especially puppies, love to play and rough-house. This kind of energetic playfulness should be balanced with guidance and training to prevent your puppy from becoming too rough or aggressive.

A German shepherd puppy can make a great addition to the right household. To learn more about how to care for a German shepherd puppy, or for more information about our expected litters, contact us at Ulvilden German Shepherds.

Xila/Yago litter, 1 black female

DOB March 5, 2017

Asia/Saban litter, 1 black/tan male

DOB March 20, 2017

Indy & Yago litter due May 25th

– Ready to go approx. July 2017.

Zamba & Saban Due approx May 30th.

– Ready to go approx. July 2017.

Adults Available

  • Solid black intact adult male
  • Solid black 7 month old female
  • Young adult black/tan female

Contact for more information


Please reserve early to get your choice of litter/puppy as our reservation book tends to fill up quickly.

Puppy Prices

$ 1,400 CAD

  • Shipping within Canada is $400.00 including crate.
  • All shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer and must be paid no less than 72 hours before shipping date.
  • All pups are sold with non-breeding contracts
  • Occasionally we may make exceptions although breeding rights will cost an extra $1,200.00 plus GST.
  • A $400 non-refundable deposit is required to hold your pup. Pups are chosen in the order that the deposits are taken. If we are not able to supply you with a pup of the sex you request, we will promptly refund your deposit. Pups are chosen at the age of six weeks and go to their new homes at eight weeks unless other arrangements are made.

Order your puppies today! Contact us at 306-922-4787!

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